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10 Best ways to stop hair fall, within 10 days

Today I will give you the 10 best way to stop hair fall. Hair fall is one of the biggest problems over the world, Today everyone wants to know how to stop hair fall? Today most of the peoples suffer from this,  because of hair fall people loose self-confidence they feel low where ever they go. If this happens in young then if 10 Best ways to Stop hair fallbecome the biggest problems because old can tolerates this stress but young can′t, because young have to go for interviews, having girlfriends, go for parties, and many more other. Here I am going to gives you the 10 best ways to stop hair fall.




Genetic cause is one of the main problems of hair loss. It is a genetic disorder that transmits from one generation to the next generation.

If any of your parents have hair loss or baldness then there will be a chance of hair loss or baldness in you.

It is an Inheritable disease that inherited from one generation to next.

Do not much worry about this because it can escape generation

Some time some of the genetic disease escape generation for example:- you have seen a newly born child have characters like his/her grandparents not to his/her parents. Because those characters have escaped the generation. Character present in baby grandparents has not expressed in his/her parents but expressed in him/her self because that character has escaped the generation. 

Sometimes these characters can escape 2-3 generations and after that expressed. 

So, No Need much worry about this.


Hormones also affect hair fall and hair growth. There are some of the main Endocrine hormones that affect hair loss and hair growth.

a) Thyroid hormones 

b) Sex hormones :- Testosterone ,estrogen, progesterone 

c) Pineal hormones:- Hormones of the pineal gland that regulate sleep-wake upcycle.


d) I-PILLS:- I pills also affect hair loss or hair growth. etc 

Hypo or Hypersecretion of these hormones can affect hair growth and hair loss. 


In recent research, it has been proved that peoples take much stress due to their personal lifestyle which results in hair fall and hair loss.


  • biotin: a B vitamin which may help hair grow and strengthen
  • vitamin D: it can help stimulate hair follicles that have become dormant
  • vitamin E: its potent antioxidant activity helps to reduce oxidative stress in the scalp, which is known to be associated with alopecia
  • iron: iron deficiency has been linked to hair loss
  • vitamin C: it makes it easier for your body to absorb iron
  • omega-3 fatty acids: their anti-inflammatory effects can counteract any inflammation that’s causing hair shedding


Due to high pollution in highly polluted cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc, Pore of hair follicles get blocked that cause deficiency of Oxygen in hair follicles resulting in hair loss and many more hair problems.


Modern hair styling also affects the hair fall and cause many more hair problems. Most of the hair styling products cause hair loss.

Overheating is one of the main cause of hair loss, most of the people use a hairdryer that produces hot hair and causes hair problems.

 TOP 10 BEST  HAIR FALL REMEDIES and way to stop hair fall

Now I am going to tell the best remedies that will surely 100% helps you to control your hair fall problems. But the main problems with peoples are they follow these remedies only for 2-3 days or hardly 5 days and they want results, if not they give up on this.

NOTE:- If you seriously want to stop your hair fall then you must have to follow these remedies without giving up. It will take time to show results but the result will definitely come.

1) Amla Hair Mask, Stop  hair fall  

Amla itself a vitamin-C rich have great potential to stop hair fall.

Take Amla powder according to the length of your hair.10 Best ways to Stop hair fall

Mixed 2 teaspoons of lemon juice to raw Amla powder and mixed well to make a paste and apply it to your hair and leave for an hour.

When it dried up wash your hair with mild onion shampoothis is a natural shampoo without sulfate and also contains onion extract that contains sulfur that helps in making keratin protein of hair and promotes hair growth.                                              Buy it from amazon

2 Egg Hair Mask, Stop hair fall 

The white part of the egg contains different types of protein that helps to stop hair fall.

Before going to take bath takes 1 or 2 (according to lengths of your hair)  raw egg, break it and remove the yolk part. Apply the remaining white part of the egg to your hair and leave it for half an hour.

When egg mask dried up then wash your hair with the same shampoo.

10 Best ways to Stop hair fall

3. Coconut Hair Spa,  Stop hair fall 

Did you know that the proteins present in Coconut Milk rapidly promote hair growth? Probably one of the best natural remedies for hair fall, all you gotta do to stop hair thinning in its tracks is apply fresh Coconut Milk to your scalp, ideally with the help of a hairbrush. Keep your head covered in a towel for 20 minutes and then wash it off with water. Don’t wanna take a route that lengthy? Busy souls can swear by the virgin coconut oil 

10 Best ways to Stop hair fall

4. Green Tea Rinse, Stop hair fall 

Yep, the cup of Green Tea that wakes you up every morning can also bring back life to your limp, deadlocks. Here’s how Green Tea can make for an excellent hair regrowth home treatment. Steep two to three tea bags in two cups of hot water. Now pour this cooled concoction over your hair and scalp while gently massaging at the roots, before rinsing off with water, this will help you more to stop hair fall. Ain’t got no time?  You can buy green tea clicking on this Lipton green tea 

10 Best ways to Stop hair fall

5. Aloe Vera Hair Mask, Stop hair fall 

Trust Aloe to come to the rescue literally every time. Apart from acting as an effective home remedy for hair loss, Aloe also boosts hair growth and improves the health of your scalp. Just extract the pulp of the plant and apply it directly to the scalp and the length of your tresses. This hair fall remedy works like magic! Keep it on for about 45 minutes before rinsing it with cold water. Doing this alternately helps to stop hair fall.  If that seems like a business too messy, try the Aroma aloe vera gel for better results.

10 Best ways to Stop hair fall

6. Onion Juice Mask( Best way to stop hair fall)

Keep your goggles handy for this one. Onion juice, extracted from its peels, is highly nutritious as it contains large doses of Sulphur and Vitamins E, C & B complex. Onion juice not only helps your hair grow thicker and longer but keeps them shiny and healthy. Simply grind onion and squeeze out its juice. Soak a cotton pad in the onion juice and dab your entire scalp with it. Once covered, massage your scalp for the juice to seep in and wash. If you want to save yourself from childlike weeping while peeling onions, go for onion oil 

10 Best ways to Stop hair fall

7. Apple Cider Vinegar Wash, Stop hair fall 

Another big reason for hair loss is clogged follicles. Hair follicles often get blocked with dirt, the oil secreted from your scalp and pollution, causing an obstruction to nutrients reaching your hair – thus leading to hair fall. Apple cider vinegar clears up your follicles and helps maintain the natural moisture of your scalp. Just douse a shot of apple cider vinegar in a bowl of lukewarm water and wash your hair with it, massaging the scalp as you pour. Or keep it simple and try out Wow life science Apple cider vinegar 

8. Sweet Almond Oil Hair Mask, Stop hair fall 

Almonds are one of the richest sources of Magnesium, which boosts hair growth. Sweet Almond Oil, a natural extract of Almonds are high in the mineral along with proteins like Omega 3 and Biotin. Mix 2 tablespoons of sweet Almond Oil with 2 tablespoons of Almond Milk. Warm the concoction slightly and apply with a brush to your scalp and hair. Leave in for about 20 minutes, then massage into your hair and wash with your regular shampoo. Our favorite Badam Roghan 100% Pure Almond Oil

9. Neem Hair Wash, Stop hair fall 

Take a large amount of Neem leaves and boil them in water for 15-20 minutes on medium flame and wash your hair with them. Neem contains most of the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that protect your hair from fungi and bacterial infections. 

10.  Avocado Hair Mask( also the best way to stop hair fall )

Scoop out the goodness from a fresh, ripe avocado and whip it with a tablespoon of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. Apply this paste onto your dry hair from the scalp to the roots. Wait for about 20 minutes and rinse off with a mild shampoo. PS: Avocado is extremely rich in biotin—the vitamin that helps your hair and nails grow faster and makes them healthier. If the fruit is unavailable in your kitchen, opt for buy Mensome Avacado oil 


Hairfall is common and almost everyone faces the stress related to it. Here are a few ways to keep hair fall at bay.

  • Indulge in some natural massage therapy every week. Whip up the above ingredients as masks or home-spas and let the goodness seep in.
  • Be gentle to your hair, using wide tooth combs before bed.
  • Eat a healthy diet and try to include protein-rich food such as yogurt, fish, lentils, and spinach.
  • Wash your hair in cold or lukewarm water. Hot water causes hair loss too.
  • Try to avoid heating devices like dryers or straighteners, especially after you’ve noticed excessive hair fall.
  • Avoid all-chemical products, especially the ones with parabens.
  • Relax. Meditate or delve into yoga. Destressing your body and mind will help your hair grow better.  
  • Please follow all the 10 ways to stop hair fall to reduce your hair loss or keep continue all the 10 ways to stop hair fall to stop hair loss.                                                                   ||  For latest update visit my site preethealthcares.com                                 

                      Thank you for giving your precious time to read this article, visit again for amazing health care tips.

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