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How To Remove Dark Circle?


How to remove dark circle
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Dark circle is the most common skin problems below the lower eyelids among men’s and women’s. Most of the peoples facing this problem over the world. Peoples frequently searching How to remove dark circle? 

It lowers the confidence of people as skin looks like old skin or aged skin. Everyone wants to remove dark circle overnight but no one wants to try the remedies to remove dark circle naturally. 

Due to the dark circle face looks dull and we need extra makeup to cover the dark circle. We lose our confidence in the public or the workplace. So, you should try to get rid of dark circle. How to remove dark circle naturally is another asked by most of the people worldwide.

What is Dark Circle?

Dark is the darkness below the lower eyelid due to the pigmentation or others many reasons that I am going to describe in detail below. 

As the skin of our lower eyelids are very thin and delicate as compare to another part of the body, so any changes occur below the deeper skin layer will be visible easily. So when there will be some necessary change in the lifestyle of people then there is some biological and physical change in the skin below the eye. That’s leads to the dark circle. 

what are the main causes of the dark circle?

Todays the lifestyle of peoples changes, many peoples do their jobs till late at night. Besides this, the teenagers are heavily using their smartphone during late-night playing pubG, using social media, and many more.  Here I am going to list some of the main causes of the dark circle and will also tell you how to remove dark circles? 

1) Sleepless night 

Today’s peoples change their lifestyle, they used to do their work at night mostly. Obviously the more peaceful than the day. The night is basically or sleep, doing work against nature is sometimes harmful.

Today it becomes a trending fashion for the youngster not to sleep during the night. Most of the students keep studying during the whole night, it seems like in the morning they will crack any exam. 

Although it is not really productive to study in the night because on the night because there some hormone which increases their secretion at night like the hormones from the pineal gland. 

These hormones are responsible for the sleep-wake cycle of the human body. So it preferred by most doctors to taking a good sleep at night. It will also help to remove dark circle naturally. 

2) Eye Strain 

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone and television at their home. Every time peoples are engaged with their mobile or TV. Most people use their smartphones during the night and keep using until they automatically get sleep. 

Due to these bad habits a strain created in our eye which finally leads to a dark circle below the eye. 

So, when you want to remove the dark circle or you have questions that how to remove dark circle at home then you must avoid these bad habits. 

3) Due to Age 

We all are getting old. Natural aging is one of the main causes of the dark circle below the eye. Now you cant ask how to remove dark circles or how to remove dark circle at home because the dark circle below the eye due to age is a natural process. 

As we get older our skin becomes thin due to the deformation of fibers in our body which leads to the shrinking of the skin. Due to thinner skin the dark blood vessels visible and causes darkness below the eye. 

4) Due to fatigue

Due to changes in lifestyle, most people be on the bed after the morning. So due to oversleeping and fatigue the chance of dark circle below the eye increase. 

Or, when we do not take proper sleep it also becomes one of the main causes of dark circle below the eyes. so if you want to remove dark circle permanently then you have to become sincere about this. 

Remedies to remove dark circle permanently 

Here I am giving you the best home remedies to remove dark circle at home. You just should follow these tips if you really want to remove dark circle permanently. 

1) Take proper sleep 

Taking proper sleep will definitely help you to remove the dark circle at home. When you will take proper sleep then you will ultimately realize that something positive is happening with you. 

Due to the lack of sufficient sleep, the skin below the eye starts changing its color to dark, and finally, a dark circle happens. 

To remove the dark circle at home you must allow your self to take a good sleep of seven to eight hours it will surely help you to get rid of the dark circle. 

2) Cold treatments 

For the Dark circle cold treatments is the ultimate remedies. Take some ice cube from the refrigerator now put it in a cotton cloth. Now apply it to your eyes. 

It will help you to get rid of the dark circle and swelling of the skin below the lower eyelids. Repeat this process for the better result to remove the dark circle at home. 

3) Avoid working late night 

As I have mentioned above that late-night working can cause the dark circle below the lower eyelids. 

Due to the secretion of pineal gland hormones and pituitary gland hormones at night, If we keep unsleep till late night then the due the pigmentation dark circle appears.

So It recommends by most of the doctors that to take good sleep at night to avoid these problems.

4) Avoid using phone and laptops too much 

Due to the heavy use of smartphones and laptops eye strain increases and as I have already mentioned that eye stain causes dark circles. 

So, to avoid the dark circle you must need to avoid too much use of smartphones and laptops. 

5) Soak with tea bags 

Here the last remedies to remove the dark circle are to soak with tea bags. Applying cold tea bags to your eyes can improve their appearance. Tea contains caffeine and antioxidants that can help stimulate blood circulation, shrink your blood vessels, and reduce liquid retention beneath your skin. Soak two black or green tea bags in hot water for five minutes. Let them chill in the refrigerator for 15 to 20 minutes. Once they’re cold, apply the tea bags to your closed eyes for 10 to 20 minutes. After removing, rinse your eyes with cool water.


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